I am a documentary wedding photographer, capturing stories. Thank you for visiting and sharing your feelings with our stories


I have no more words to describe how professional & fun working with Hoang Phuong team. If you’re looking for someone to capture all the right “moments” and reflect true emotions, personalities, this team is the right choice for you, no doubt. Can’t find some where, someone that is so dedicated to the job, they jumped into waters with you just to catch all the best moments despite cameras unprotected.


Amazing experience having HP around for our wedding. Even if he didn't have the water-proof covers for his cameras, he did not hesitate a second to jump in the pool with us and capture awesome " moments " ! Results are just too good. Not to mention that he's a pro in his duty/job ! It's a 100% for me !


Great experience! The team are highly professional, friendly, and hard working. They are also talented and creative artists. We started in the early morning and finished more than 12 hours later but with meal breaks we never felt exhausted. The resulting photographs are exquisite, exceeding our expectations. We would recommend HoangPhuong Wedding House without hesitation. Thanks again to the team!


Passionate - Professional - Dedicated - High standard: That's all I want to mean when mention HP.
We are cared and advised on every single thing, from the most important things on the big day like wedding dress, vest, shoes... to other little things like hair, accessories...
During a shooting day, Mr. Phuong and team brought us a feeling of comfort and confidence. We just be present and focus on giving each other our feelings of love, gratitude. How about the picture? We gave 100% trust for Mr. Phuong.
When we received the pictures, we were just WOW, because everything was real excellent, I mean “perfect”. Mr. Phuong captured almost all the moments and emotions of that day. We believe that not only now, but also several years later, when we look back this album, we will still feel this feeling like it was yesterday. Thank you so much!

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